Using hand sanitizer frequently has become second nature for many, which is why it’s not hard to believe that the demand currently outweighs the supply.

Rakesh Tammabattula, the CEO of QYK Brands, said his firm is two weeks away from not having enough material.

“The supply chain that’s built for the hand sanitizer was not built for meeting this sort of demand,” Tammabattula said. “This demand just happened overnight and that’s the reason many of these major suppliers do not have enough alcohol in stock to continue producing,” he said.

Besides the alcohol itself, other supplies like the containers and additional ingredients are facing a shortage as well.

“Every single manufacture has been back ordered for months or some cases years for their supply,” Tammabattula said.

“There are many different things in the supply chain that are leading to the shortage right now and you’ll see these shortages happening in the near future,” he said.

With this shortage people may think they can create their own hand sanitizer, but the CDC says hand sanitizer has to have at least 60 percent of alcohol.

Tammabattula said with the shortage, consumers should be smart with their purchases.

“Maybe have one or two bottles at hand, they don’t have to panic and buy bulks and store them or stock them up.”

Tammabattula suggests to wash your hands when you can instead of using sanitizers so there is more available for healthcare workers, first responders and any essential workers.

By Veronica Ogbe

(This article was first published on CBS April 4th, 2020)